Made to Measure MotoGP Suits

made to measure leather suit

Have you ever think about professional riders, their drives and their moves? If yes, then it was a dream in near past, but now its easy. We as speediz brought made to measure, custom work program for you. Giving the opportunity to every street rider or professional track racer to order made to measure, customize racing leather suits, jackets and pants. Our professional craftsman gives you the creative liberty to design the leather clothing you’ve dreamed.
How it work:
If you have ever had the desire to get made 2 measure / customize leather suit, the procedure is pretty simple and easy. We as SPEEDIZ provide you the freedom of choices like custom fitting for extra comfort, color choices to match your machine / team, protection, fabric, accessories and logo.
Step 1: Note your Requirements
First thing first, you have to note down your requirements, design selection, alternation etc. Email us or phone to our customer support with these requirements.
Step 2: Measurements
SPEEDIZ customer support, gives you the custom measurement form. Where you have to mentioned the body measurements and other requirements you need.
Step 3: Style
Similarly the body measurements, provide us the designing requirements, Color selection, accessories, sponsor logo ( if any ) and protection selection inside & outside.
To make your clothing unique, we offer you to customize your suit with images, names, lucky number, race team and sponsored logo.
Step 4: Processing
After getting the above mentioned details, now its time for our manufacturer Development Teams to convert your dream to real world clothing.
Step 5: Construction
Transforming your dream design clothing into real world clothing, our experience craftsman design & manufacture your garments with your specification provided.
Step 6: Delivery
After manufacturing the clothing, our shipping department ship the item on provided address.
Step 7: Feedback
Like every body loves the feedback, we loves your feedback. After receiving your made to measure / customize garment, we like to hear your experience. Don’t forget to leave your feedback by emailing us, Facebook remark  & review and other social forum feedback.

Made to Measure / Customize your own suit online here:

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