Tailored Motogp Suit

Made to Measure Custom Leather Racing Suit

Tailored Motogp Jackets

Made to Measure Custom Leather Racing Jacket

Tailored Motogp Trouser

Made to Measure Custom Leather Racing Trouser.


Customize any MotoGP suit include Fitting, Sponsor Logo, Leather selection, color combination and much more

Made to Measure: Why us

With the freedom of leather selection and protection, every set of leather is design and tailored exactly as per each rider's individual requirements. Made to Measure motogp suit will give the best possible performance to the ride and we also make sure his protection in case of crash. To ensure that every leather suit / gear is packed with highest level of protection, our designing team use finest materials and the lastest protection technologies. We choose the best quality leather cowhide & kangaroo as per need to provide a lot of strength and a good deal of abrasion protection. To deal with crash impact, we use special protection around shoulder, elbow and knee.

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